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Guided Hunt Full Packages

Guided Hunt Full Packages

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Unleash Your Wild at Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve: Pheasant & Chukar Hunts Reimagined
Ready to ditch the ordinary and forge unforgettable hunting memories? Look no further than Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve, where stunning Orvis Endorsed grounds and seasoned guides await. Embark on a private or corporate adventure tailored to your group, with mixed bag hunts starting at just $75 for 5 birds (20% deposit at checkout).

What awaits:

Diverse landscapes: 4,500 acres boasting irrigated fields, cattail slews, tree lines, and panoramic mountain vistas.
Birds galore: Hunt pheasants, chukars, or a thrilling mixed bag, with options up to 40 birds.(for larger bird amounts call us for custom pricing)
Expert guidance: Orvis Endorsed guides lead the way, ensuring a safe and successful hunt for all levels.
Comforts of home: Relax in our spacious clubhouse, prepped with pro shop, secure lockers, and delicious meals.
Unforgettable moments: Share pre-hunt camaraderie, celebrate victories, and bond over post-hunt stories.

Pricing (birds only):

  1. 5 birds - $75
  2. 10 birds - $150
  3. 20 birds - $300
  4. 40 birds - $600

All hunts include:

  • Lunch & bird cleaning/packaging for everyone
  • Guide fee to be paid at the hunting preserve($250 per half day, $350 full day for 1-6 people)
  • 10% off guide rate for returning clients
Ready to book your adventure? Secure your spot with a 20% deposit and start planning your epic hunting experience at Pleasant Valley.

Other Optional Bird Pricing:

Mixed Bag-$30
20% deposit rate is based on mixed bags. If a different variety is desired the difference will be paid on the hunt.

For more information or a more custom package call us today and let's reimagine your next hunt! (435)650-3784
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