Breeding Philosophy

Breeding With a Purpose

At 9 Mile Kennels, we are passionate about breeding puppies that embody the true spirit of the versatile hunting dog. We stand and live by our motto, “To the 9s” or to the highest degree. This reflects our commitment to producing dogs that excel in both the field and the home.

The Best of Both Worlds: Field and Family Companions

We believe that a good hunting dog is one that not only excels in the field but also thrives as a member of the family. Our breeding program combines proven American lines with renowned German imports, resulting in puppies that possess the drive and intelligence to excel in upland hunts while also exhibiting the temperament and heart to make wonderful family companions.

Pedigrees Steeped in Excellence

Our breeding program is designed to produce puppies with fantastic pedigrees, with a lineage of AKC Master Hunter titled dogs, Dual champion dogs, NAVHDA Utility and NA testing, NAVHDA Versatile Championship titles, and many International Champion titled dogs.

Proven Hunters and Family Members

All of our dogs are members of our family, and we utilize them as full-time guide dogs for upland hunts. This hands-on approach allows us to observe and nurture the traits that make for versatile hunting dogs, ensuring that our puppies possess a natural desire to work, retrieve, point, and honor, all while maintaining the temperament and heart to be incredible family dogs.

Join Our Family

We invite you to become part of our family by welcoming one of our puppies into your home.

We want our puppies not to be just a pet but an addition to your family that will enrich your life with their intelligence, loyalty, and unwavering love.

Regular Breeding's are $2,500 per puppy. Legacy litters are $2,500-$3,500 per puppy.
Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming litters and reserve your furry friend.
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Puppy Media Gallery

Prepare to enter a world of puppy pandemonium! Here, you'll witness the heartwarming journey of our adorable pups. Peek into the future with photos and videos of our newest bundles of fluff, or reminisce with galleries of past pups who've blossomed into joyful canine companions and hunting pros.