Femke hails from the renowned Karpaten Irbis kennel in Romania, where generations of exceptional hunting dogs have been bred. Her pedigree boasts 26 KS-titled champions, the pinnacle achievement in European hunting tests, akin to a Versatile Champion title in the US.
This black and white beauty, adorned with stark ticking, possesses a near-perfect conformation and a chest as deep as her determination. On our first night together, she snuggled into my lap and drifted off to sleep, a testament to her loving nature.
Femke embodies the perfect blend of exceptional hunting prowess and a loveable disposition. As she approaches her second birthday in October, we eagerly anticipate her first litter, confident she will pass on her remarkable legacy to the next generation.

Femke's Photo Gallery

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Femke's Upcoming Litter

Femke will be having her 1st litter this coming winter and will be our first Legacy Pairing.

Femke's Next Litter