Legacy Breedings

Unveiling History's Finest: Legacy Breeding's with No Mars Kennels

No Mars Kennels has always stood at the forefront of canine excellence. We strive to preserve the past and strengthen the future of our hunting dogs breeding. But our passion extends beyond trophies and titles. We have found a way to preserve the bloodlines of some of the most iconic hunting dogs America has ever witnessed from the house old name of No Mars Kennels

No Mars Kennel Sire's

Enter the Legacy Breeding program.

9 Mile Kennels now owns the last semen samples from the famous kennel formally known as No Mars Kennel.

With 60+ samples of No Mars cream of the crop studs, we are aiming not to just resurrect these dogs but also their legacy's as well. There was two sides of the coin that made No Mars Kennel into the house hold name that they are today.

One side was the German imports, especially Enzo who are at the foundation of many of todays great breeding programs and pedigrees. These dogs were and still are iconic.

The other side of the coin is the fact that the no mars dogs were known for being able to compete at the highest level in field testing systems, & the show ring alike. They didn't just excel at the competition, they won.

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No Mars Kennel won several unique breeding awards for their stellar dogs and litters. Those who have experience with No Mars Kennel dogs know just how great and rare of an opportunity this is going to be for the name of the German Shorthair Pointer.

Every Legacy Breeding pup carries a piece of history. Owning a Legacy Breeding pup isn't just about acquiring a hunting partner; it's about becoming part of a living legacy, an ode to the dogs who defined an era.

This isn't just a breeding program; it's a resurrection, a whisper of champions, and a chance to own a piece of history.