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Weight: 58lbs

Dixie is currently pregnant with her 3rd litter. She is such a dotting and loving mother to her pups. Her puppies have been some of the best hunters we've produced. Ely our 3rd Dam is her mother(from her very first litter). Dixie has been an absolute joy in the field and out of the field. Training and hunting/guiding came perfectly natural to her. Training was and always has been a breeze with her. She has an incredible pedigree and her natural abilities attest to such. She is a “let’s get down to business” dog. She has a very high prey drive. She ranges 50-90 yards when hunting and covers the field with speed and determination no matter how few birds we find, she never gives up. She has a very effortlessly graceful point, and a natural retrieve to hand. She loves to play fetch in the yard. She’s the first one in the pond to go swimming and loves to retrieve in water. She has an incredible nose, and a cautious demeanor when tracking running birds, as to not bust them. What sets her apart is her hard driving attitude, and the mature manner in which she conducts herself. She is a “best of both worlds dog”, she has a very high prey drive on one hand and train-ability and maturity on the other. She knows what is expected of her and tries to hit the mark every time. In the field she is independent and knows her job, but can also sit quietly in her kennel waiting patiently for her next task inside or out of the house. Guiding hunts with her has always been a joy, her style of hunting is just so effortless. She wants to please, loves attention and will do anything to make you happy.

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Dixie is currently pregnant with her 3rd litter. Due date is in the middle of Feburary

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