Weight: 59lbs
Liz is set to have her second litter early this spring. Her puppies are gorgeously coated, 3/4ths black. The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Liz is absolutely “lovable”. When not in the field she is there, right by your side patiently waiting for you to give her attention, she loves to be involved in the day to day tasks of life. She holds definitely true to the tradition foot hunter style German Shorthair, working for you, and with you in the field. Liz ranges 40-60 yards, and has always naturally quartered the field, checking in often. Liz has a very level head, she handles the intensity of guiding full time like a champ. She has a nice natural retrieve and is great at marking downed birds. She has been exceptional during training, requiring minimal effort on our part. She will do anything to please you. Don’t let her loving demeanor fool you, she has an extremely intense point. Absolutely slamming on point when she catches sent of the bird. A point, that even from the beginning of her training she doesn’t break or rush in on the bird. When she goes on point, she stays on point. She has never disappointed, and always has a smile on her face. She loves learning new tasks and once she knows what you want, she will do it without question. She’s a sweetheart.

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Liz's Upcoming Litter

Liz will be going into heat any day now and will be due with her 2nd late April to early May

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