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Meet Milo, a canine conundrum wrapped in a beautiful brown and white ticked package. Standing tall with a build to match, this year-old pup is one part ferocious field warrior, one part goofy cuddler, and all parts heart.

Hailing from a lineage etched in hunting royalty (his dad, a Romanian import, and his mom, a Standing Stone purebred), Milo inherited instincts so sharp they cut through the air. With 6+ months of expert training honing his skills, he's already a force to be reckoned with in the field. Watch him point with unwavering focus, retrieve with lightning speed, and stalk his prey with the determination of a seasoned veteran.

But don't let his fierce facade fool you. Beyond the hunter's gaze lies a gentle giant, a canine comedian with a goofy grin that stretches from ear to ear. He adores playtime with his doggy pals, unleashing his inner wrestling champion with playful tumbles and joyful barks.

Owning Milo isn't just about owning a hunting dog; it's about welcoming a furry brother-in-arms, a loyal companion who brings laughter to the quiet moments and excitement to every adventure.

So, if you're looking for a dog who can dominate the field with the best of them while showering you with affection and slobbery kisses, look no further than Milo. This charming contradiction on four legs is ready to fill your life with love, laughter, and, of course, a few expertly retrieved birds.

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Bea, the solid brown bundle of brown sugar with a heart even sweeter, is your dream "little buddy" in the field. Bred from the same lineage as the legendary Fred Rice dogs, she inherits a natural instinct for the hunt, waiting to blossom with some loving guidance. Don't let her gentle brown eyes fool you – Bea's got fire in her soul, but it flickers brightest when directed at you. This loyal pup shadows your every step, eager to please and learn, soaking up every nugget of training with the enthusiasm of a puppy chasing butterflies.

Imagine Bea, tail wagging furiously, trotting happily at your side as you scan the field, always within arm's reach for a quick scratch or a comforting pat. She might not be the flashiest hunter yet, but her focus and eagerness to learn promise great things. And while she's ready to tackle any adventure you throw her way, Bea's true happiness lies in being your sidekick, sharing in the thrill of the hunt and the quiet moments of victory under the open sky.

Bea's the kind of dog who fills your days with sunshine and your heart with warmth, a loyal companion who's not just there for the hunt, but for every playful romp in the yard and cozy curl-up by the fire. She's a testament to the Fred Rice legacy, waiting to weave her own story of devotion and adventure, always at your side, step for step, tail wag for tail wag.

Remember, every dog blossoms at their own pace. Bea's love and enthusiasm are already there, waiting to be channeled into her hunting potential. With patience, encouragement, and plenty of cuddles, you'll have a partner in crime (and the field!) who's as loyal as she is lovable.

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Family First:

Meet Trix, our February girl with a heart of gold. This lovable pup has blossomed after months of training, becoming a loyal companion and a joy to have around. She's already showing promise in the field, with a natural instinct for hunting that has our tails wagging. But Trix is more than just a field champion; she's a cuddle monster who thrives on family love. Imagine cozy evenings by the fire with Trix snuggled at your feet, or playful days in the park filled with her infectious enthusiasm. Whether you're seeking a devoted hunting partner or a furry best friend, Trix has the potential to fill both roles with boundless love and endless fun.

Hunting Focus:

Trix isn't just any pup; she's a February-born firecracker with a nose for adventure and a heart for the hunt. Months of training have honed her natural instincts, transforming her into a skilled field companion with the potential to be truly great. Watch her eyes light up as she tracks scent, her focus unwavering as she stalks her prey. But Trix isn't all work and no play; she's just as happy curled up by your side after a successful hunt, a loyal friend eager for your praise. If you're looking for a partner to conquer the field and fill your home with love, Trix is the four-legged force of nature you've been waiting for.

Balanced Approach:

Trix. One name, two worlds. In the field, she's a whirlwind of focus and determination, a natural hunter honing her skills with each passing day. Her potential is undeniable, promising years of thrilling expeditions and shared victories. But don't be fooled by Trix's fierce spirit; behind those keen eyes lies a heart overflowing with love. This February gem craves cuddles and playtime, her playful personality radiating as brightly as her hunting instincts. Trix is the perfect blend of loyal companion and passionate hunter, ready to fill your life with adventure, love, and a wagging tail that never stops.

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