About Us

How 9 Mile Kennels Got Started: From Grandpa's Field to My Life's Passion

Memories of early mornings, wide-open fields, and the thrill of the hunt alongside my grandpa, are still vivid. He instilled in me, even after his passing when I was just 11, an enduring love for the outdoors and the companionship of bird dogs. At 13, I had my first, and since then, the joy of watching dogs work the field has never faded.

More than just a hobby, this became my passion. One year after marrying the love of my life, I took a leap of faith, leaving my day job to pursue my dream: running my own kennel full-time.

It's not just about breeding and training exceptional German Shorthairs. It's about honoring the legacy of my grandpa, the thrill of the hunt, and the unique bond between humans and these incredible dogs as well as trying to recreate the great qualities a German Shorthair should have.

To The Nines: Breeding Beyond the Field & Creating Family Companions

9 Mile Kennels mission is to elevate the German Shorthair breed, not just in hunting prowess, but also in temperament and family suitability. We strive to breed dogs that are:

  • Great, loyal, and hardworking: Champions in the field, with boundless energy and dedication.
  • Calm and adaptable: Seamlessly transitioning from a day of hunting to being a loving family member at night.
  • Bred "To The Nines": Meaning "To Perfection" or "To The Highest Degree" – excelling in every aspect.

We believe a truly exceptional German Shorthair should be not just a hunting companion, but also an integral part of your family, a treasured friend you can rely on both in the field and at home.